Technical Bulletin

2004 – Microair 760 Radio

Microair Avionics have modified the wiring of the connector on their Microair 760 radio.

All Microair 760 radios with serial numbers following #7400 have the new connector wiring and will not work with Lynx equipment which was supplied to work with previous versions of this radio.

Updated 29-07-04

Equipment Affected:

Micro System Radio/Power Interface Unit (Type T)

Date of Manufacture:

Radio/Power Interface Units (Type T) manufactured between January 1999 and July 2004 will not work with the latest version Microair 760 Radio (Serial Number #7400 onwards).

Version Labeling:

Compatible interface units are labelled as follows:





SERIAL #7400+






Only equipment which is not labelled as above is affected by this problem.

Additional Information:

Older type interface units can be modified to work with the latest radios by moving the black wire in the 'D' connector (Microphone Ground) from Pin 2 to Pins 11/12 (Aircraft Ground).

Alternatively, older interface units can be returned to Lynx Avionics for modification.

Additional information or technical advice may be obtained directly from Lynx Avionics Ltd.