Technical Bulletin

2010 – Funkwerk (Filser) ATR-500 Radio

We have become aware of a problem which can occur when using a Micro System Radio/Power Interface unit (Type Y) connected to a Funkwerk (Filser) ATR-500 radio.

When using these items of equipment a noticeable high pitched tone may occur during transmission (feedback).

Updated 22-11-10

Compatibility Problem:

It appears that this problem may be related to a specific type of aircraft and only occurs in some Funkwerk (Filser) ATR-500 radio installations; however, the Radio/Power Interface design has been modified to ensure that this problem can not occur irrespective of how the equipment is installed and used.

Equipment Affected:

Micro System Radio/Power Interface (Type Y)

Date of Manufacture:

Radio/Power Interface units manufactured between December 2004 and August 2010 may exhibit this problem.

Product Labeling:

Radio/Power Interface units which may be affected by this problem are labeled: 'RADIO TYPE Y: FILSER ATR-500'

New or updated Radio/Power Interface units, which are not affected by this problem, are labeled: 'RADIO TYPE Y3: FILSER ATR-500'

Additional Information:

This problem is very noticeable and there should be little doubt if an item of equipment requires updating.

Radio/Power Interface units that exhibit this problem should be returned to Lynx Avionics Ltd for modification.

Additional information or technical advice may be obtained directly from Lynx Avionics Ltd.