Press Release

New Micro System Radio Splitter – 1st October 2008

Lynx Avionics has introduced a new Radio Splitter for use with their Micro System range of headsets.

The Radio Splitter works with any Micro System headset and provides connections for an additional radio and music player, telephone or recording device. The Splitter connects in-line with a Micro System headset, and any other items of equipment, and is particularly useful for connecting a second radio.

The splitter accepts interchangeable radio leads to connect to different radios. Each type of lead provides the correct physical connection for a particular radio and automatically configures the splitter to provide the appropriate electronic operation. By selecting and connecting the correct radio lead, the splitter can be used with any radio.

In addition to the primary radio connection, the splitter can be connected simultaneously to most modern audio devices including mobile telephones, music players and sound or video recording equipment. For connection to professional recording devices, the splitter provides audio output at both Microphone Level and Line Level. During use, the splitter monitors the radio and automatically reduces the volume of the audio input during radio reception. This automatic mute feature provides radio priority over any telephone or music input.

Radio Splitter Instructions
Radio Compatibility
Audio Input/Output Lead Instructions
Audio Output Lead Instructions
Mobile Telephone Lead Instructions
Small Device Fixing Kit Instructions

If you would like more information about Lynx products or details of your nearest distributor, a complete information pack is available on request.