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New Micro System Powered Radio Interface – 1st September 2013

Lynx Avionics has announced a new Micro System Powered Radio Interface which offers more features than their existing Radio/Power Interface. When the interface is used with two headsets, the equipment forms an installed intercom and radio system which can be powered from the batteries in the Micro System headsets or from an external twelve Volt supply.

The Powered Radio Interface includes new electronics which have been redesigned using the latest technology. The new electronics make the interface fully compatible with radio and wireless products which were not available when the original interface electronics were designed.

The new interface accepts interchangeable radio leads to connect to different radios. Each type of lead provides the correct physical connection for a particular radio and automatically configures the interface to provide the appropriate electronic operation. By selecting and connecting the correct radio lead, the interface can be used with any radio. This means that customers who wish to change radios only need to fit a new radio lead and no longer have to return interface units to Lynx for modification.

When powered from an external source the interface will supply the radio with a filtered and regulated power supply at twelve, eleven, nine or six Volts. This makes the interface plug-and-play compatible with the latest Icom A6 and A24 radios and separate power adapters are no longer required for radios which work at less than twelve Volts.

In addition to the primary radio connection, the interface can be connected simultaneously to most modern audio devices including mobile telephones, music players and sound or video recording equipment. Two separate audio devices can be connected to the interface at any one time using the two Audio Sockets. During use, the interface monitors the radio and automatically reduces the volume of the audio inputs during radio transmission and reception. This automatic mute feature provides radio priority over any telephone or music input. A buffer delay holds the mute on during radio exchanges and pauses in radio reception.

The interface also provides an audible ‘Key Tone’ in the headset which confirms when either PTT switch is pressed or released.

The interface is also fitted with an Auxiliary Audio Socket, Antenna Shroud and Internal Expansion Slots to provided forward compatibility with future Lynx products. The new Powered Radio Interface is backwards compatible with all previous versions of Lynx Micro System products and is available now.

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If you would like more information about Lynx products or details of your nearest distributor, a complete information pack is available on request.