Press Release

New Pilot System Intercom – 1st May 2015

Lynx Avionics has announced a new general aviation intercom which is of particular interest to aircraft owners who would like to upgrade their standard intercom for use with the latest 833 kHz hand-held radios. The new system is also plug-and-play compatible with any panel mount radio and is extremely simple to install with just a single connection to the aircraft’s power supply required.

The intercom will supply the radio with a filtered and regulated power supply at twelve, eleven, nine or six Volts which makes it plug-and-play compatible with the latest Icom A6 and A24 833 kHz radios.

The system uses interchangeable headset converters to accommodate all of the different headset connectors found in general aviation. Converters are compatible with amplified or dynamic microphones and are available for use with twin jack, single jack, Bose Lemo or NATO military connectors. The system is also ideal for use in syndicated aircraft where different owners can swap the converters to connect different types of headsets or helmets. It’s also possible to install the system with more than one converter at each pilot seat making the aircraft plug-and-play compatible with different headsets or helmets with different connections or microphone types.

The new intercom accepts interchangeable radio leads to connect to different radios. Each type of lead provides the correct physical connection for a particular radio and automatically configures the intercom to provide the appropriate electronic operation. In addition to the primary radio connection, the intercom can be connected simultaneously to most modern audio devices including mobile telephones, music players and sound or video recording equipment.

Schematic Diagram
Intercom Radio Interface Instructions
Headset Converter (Twin Jack ) Instructions
Headset Converter (Single Jack) Instructions
Headset Converter (Bose Lemo) Instructions
Headset Converter (US NATO Jack) Instructions
Headset Converter (UK NATO Jack) Instructions

If you would like more information about Lynx products or details of your nearest distributor, a complete information pack is available on request.