Press Release

Second Generation Micro System – 1st August 2011

Lynx Avionics has announced the introduction of second generation (G2) Micro System products to coincide with the twentieth anniversary of the original product launch.

The new G2 products incorporate electronic technology which was not available during the initial development and improve compatibility with third party equipment which did not exist twenty years ago; in particular, devices such as GSM mobile telephones, GPS navigation aids, wireless networks and computerised aircraft instruments.

The G2 designs improve the overall stability, performance and immunity of the system when used in close proximity to any device which emits electromagnetic interference; this includes any other electronic device, radio or engine ignition system. The new equipment is now also compatible with all known third party audio devices such as mobile telephones, music players, satellite radios, video cameras and video recorders.

One noticeable aspect of the improvements is immunity to the Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) digital noise often associated with connecting mobile telephones to intercom equipment and which can be heard as a repetitive pulsing noise in some systems.

Micro System products which now incorporate the G2 electronics include the following items:

Audio Adapter
Bluetooth Adapter
Bluetooth Audio Adapter
Multicom Adapter
Radio Adapter
Radio Interface
Radio Splitter

The new products are backwards compatible with all previous Lynx Micro System products.

If you would like more information about Lynx products or details of your nearest distributor, a complete information pack is available on request.