Press Release

New Micro System Dual Charger – 1st April 2009

Lynx Avionics has announced a new Multi-Region Dual Charger for use with their Micro System range of headsets.

The new charger replaces the five individual chargers that were previously supplied for use in different countries. The new charger is very compact and is supplied with a separate interchangeable mains lead for use in each country or region. The charger can be used with mains supplies from 110 Volts to 240 Volts. Additional mains leads and adapters are available for customers who wish to use their charger while traveling to different countries.

AU Charger Instructions
EU Charger Instructions
UK Charger Instructions
US Charger Instructions
ZA Charger Instructions

If you would like more information about Lynx products or details of your nearest distributor, a complete information pack is available on request.