Press Release

New Integral Hemet – 1st October 2016

Lynx Avionics has announced a new integral flying helmet which provides both high level noise attenuation and full face protection.

The helmet is available with Lynx Micro System electronics in either G3 or G4 versions; the G4 helmet includes both voice controlled microphone (VCM) and active noise reduction (ANR). The helmet is also available in versions compatible with any other aircraft intercom system; this includes standard general aviation systems which use twin jack plugs, microlight systems which use single jack plugs and gyrocopter systems which use six pin connectors. For microlight and gyrocopter applications, the helmet’s microphone level can be switched between amplified electret and non amplified electret for complete compatibility with existing equipment.

The helmet includes several patented features and registered designs which are not available in any other product of this type. This includes an ear-cup detensioner mechanism which reduces the ear-seal pressure when fitting and removing the helmet; the detensioners make the helmet very easy to use whilst ensuring optimum noise attenuation and comfort. The helmet ear-cups are also fully adjustable in four axis to accommodate different head sizes and head shapes and may be locked in position. The helmet microphone is protected from wind noise inside the helmet chin guard and is positioned using a control on the outside of the helmet. This control allows the microphone to be moved out of the way during fitting and removal of the helmet and provides fine adjustment in use.

The helmet shell is manufactured from carbon composite with a Polystyrene/Memory foam comfort liner. Other features include a quick release and quick adjust chin strap and clear or tinted visors.

The helmet is CE marked and certified against the European Standard EN966:2012 ‘Helmets for Airborne Sports’.

Micro System Helmet G4 Instructions
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Pilot System Helmet G3 Instructions

If you would like more information about Lynx products or details of your nearest distributor, a complete information pack is available on request.