Press Release

New Micro System In-Line Headset Battery – 1st October 2013

Lynx Avionics has announced a new In-line Battery for use with their Micro System range of products.

Micro System headsets have a rechargeable battery in the headset headband which allows the headset to work as an autonomous intercom and provides power to portable radio interface equipment and other Micro System accessories.

The In-line Battery is designed to connect between a Micro System headset and any other item of Micro System equipment. The battery can be used as a back-up or as an alternative power source when the internal headset battery is disabled. In addition, the In-line Battery can be used to extend the life of older headsets instead of replacing the headset batteries.

The In-line battery provides twice the power of the battery built into the Micro System Headset. When two headsets are connected together using a radio interface, one In-line battery will power both headsets. When two headsets are connected together using a Headset Coupling Adapter, an In-line battery is required for both headsets.

The new In-line Headset Battery is backwards compatible with all previous versions of Lynx Micro System products and is available now.

In-Line Battery Schematic Diagram
In-Line Battery Instruction Sheet

If you would like more information about Lynx products or details of your nearest distributor, a complete information pack is available on request.