Press Release

Ground Support Headset System – 1st January 2011

Lynx Avionics has introduced an improved ground support headset system for use by airport service personnel.

The new equipment includes a Micro System headset with a Multicom Adapter to provide direct connection to the external ground support intercom socket on commercial aircraft. In addition to the aircraft intercom function, the system also provides simultaneous radio and mobile telephone connections.

The system accepts interchangeable radio leads to connect to different radios. Each type of lead provides the correct physical connection for a particular radio and automatically configures the system to provide the appropriate electronic operation. By selecting and connecting the correct radio lead, the system can be used with any radio.

Push-To-Transmit (PTT) switches are provided to control both the aircraft intercom function and radio transmissions. To avoid confusion, each PTT switch has a different tactile feel and an audible key tone indicates when the radio PTT switch is pressed and released.

Mobile telephones may be connected to the system using interchangeable mobile telephone leads or a Bluetooth Adapter. When used with the Bluetooth Adapter, telephone calls are answered and terminated automatically for complete hands-free operation. During use, the system also monitors the radio and automatically reduces the volume of the telephone input during radio reception to provide radio priority.

The system provides side-tone so that the user is always able to hear their own voice in the headset which is particularly useful for setting or adjusting the headset volume control.

The Lynx ground support headset system has been developed in partnership with a major European airport operator to ensure the best possible functionality, performance and reliability in all weather conditions.

Multicom Adapter Instructions
Micro System Headset Instructions
Coiled Radio Lead Instructions
Mobile Telephone Lead Instructions
Bluetooth Adapter Instructions
Radio Compatibility

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