Press Release

New Bose Headset Converter – 1st July 2015

Lynx Avionics has announced a new Headset Converter for use with Bose or Lightspeed headsets fitted with Lemo panel connectors. The Headset Converter (Bose Lemo) is backwards compatible with all Lynx products and allows Bose or Lightspeed headsets to connect to the Lynx intercom systems installed in many aircraft.

The converter can be configured for use with amplified or dynamic microphones and is plug-and-play compatible with both the general aviation and the helicopter versions of the Bose or Lightspeed headsets. In addition, the converter supplies a filtered and regulated twelve Volt power supply to the headsets avoiding the need to use a separate battery pack in the headset lead.

Lynx also makes headset converters for use with standard twin jack plug headsets, single jack microlight helmets and NATO jack military helmets.

Improved versions of all the Headset Converters are now available. The new designs improve the overall stability, performance and immunity of the equipment when used in close proximity to any device which emits electromagnetic interference; this includes equipment such as glass instrument panels, aircraft transponders or mobile telephones.

The new Headset Converters cost the same price as the previous versions.

Headset Converter (Bose Lemo) Instructions
Headset Converter (Twin Jack ) Instructions

Headset Converter (Single Jack) Instructions

Headset Converter (US NATO Jack) Instructions
Headset Converter (UK NATO Jack) Instructions
Headset Converter Configuration Instructions
Small Device Fixing Kit Instructions

If you would like more information about Lynx products or details of your nearest distributor, a complete information pack is available on request.