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Improved Bluetooth Audio Adapter – 1st September 2014

Lynx Avionics has announced an improved Bluetooth Audio Adapter, for use with their Micro System headsets, which includes a built-in Bluetooth telephone and music interface.

The design now includes a new multi-function button, which makes it much easier to operate the device whilst wearing gloves, and redesigned electronics which make the hard-wired audio connections compatible with all modern mobile telephones.

The Bluetooth Audio Adapter is powered from the headsets, or from a Radio/Power Interface, and provides Bluetooth wireless connections for up to eight devices. Once paired with a telephone, all of the main hands-free functions can be controlled from the adapter, including: voice dialing; call transfer; call reject and last number redial. To further simplify use in an aircraft, the adapter will automatically answer telephone calls after four rings.

When used with music players, all of the music player’s functions can be controlled using the adapter’s multi-function button. In addition to the Bluetooth feature, the Bluetooth Audio Adapter also provides two separate hard wired connections for external audio devices. As a safety feature, all incoming audio connections can be isolated at any time using an audio mute switch.

The adapter has a built-in belt clip and may be mounted permanently using Velcro, screws, tube clips or cable tie saddles.

The Bluetooth Audio Adapter is backwards compatible with all Lynx Micro System products and provides a simple method to add wireless bluetooth telephone connections and multiple audio connections to an existing system without the need for recharging.

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Bluetooth Audio Adapter Instructions

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