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The following information may be useful when purchasing or using Lynx products:

Purchasing Lynx Products
Backwards Compatibility
Guarantee and Servicing
Technical Advice
Technical Documentation
Headset Colours
Headset Size
Helmet Colours
Helmet Sizes
Radio Compatibility
Mobile Telephone Compatibility

Purchasing Lynx Products:
Lynx products are only available from authorised distributors and importers; please refer to the section on Distributors for information on your nearest supplier. (Top)

Backwards Compatibility:
All Lynx products are fully compatible: no matter when they were manufactured. Lynx's policy of backwards compatibility also means that most new developments can be retrofitted to existing equipment. (Top)

Guarantee and Servicing:
All Lynx products are guaranteed for one year. Full back-up and service facilities are available and we are happy to inspect and quote to repair or service all of our products. Click this link for contact information. (Top)

Technical Advice:
Expert technical advice is always available from Lynx and is only a telephone call away; Lynx is committed to personal service and does not use automatic telephone answering. You can also request technical information by fax or e-mail. Click this link for contact information. (Top)

Technical Documentation:
Comprehensive technical documentation accompanies all Lynx products. All technical documentation is available for download from this site in the Technical section. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat version 3.0 or later installed on your computer to read or to print the documents. (Top)

Headset Colours:
Headsets are available in: Black, White, Grey, Red, Pink, Blue, Yellow or Green. (Top)

Headset Size:
Lynx headsets are adjustable and are designed to fit all head sizes.

To allow for small head sizes, the headband pressure is set quite high when the headset is new and this may feel too tight for some users. To relieve the headband pressure, simply pull the ear-cups away from each other to stretch the headband slightly. When adjusting the headband pressure, it is important not to over-stretch the headband which could allow noise to bypass the ear-seals.

By progressively stretching the headband, any excessive pressure on the head can be relieved and the headset pressure can be fine tuned to suit any individual. (Top)

Helmet Colours:
Helmets are only available in White. (Top)

Helmet Sizes:
To obtain the correct size of helmet, use a tape measure to measure the circumference of your head just above the ears.

Small: 55-57cm, Medium: 57-59cm, Large: 59-61cm, Extra Large: 61-63cm.

Small: 22", Medium: 23", Large: 23.5", Extra Large: 24.5". (Top)

Radio Compatibility:
Please specify the make and model of radio that you wish to use when ordering radio interface equipment. Detailed information on radio compatibility is available from the Technical section. (Top)

Mobile Telephone Compatibility:
Please specify the make and model of telephone that you wish to use when ordering the Mobile Telephone Lead. Detailed information on telephone compatibility is available from the Technical section. (Top)